Buying and Consigning details


At Storied Firearms we have a simple philosophy. Be honest, fair and transparent. Honest and Fair are obvious qualities for a good business, but how does Transparent come into play? Many folks do not know the value of their items. We do quality research into each item and relay this value to our customers. This allows our customers to know the value of their items before making any decisions on selling or consigning. 


To put it plainly and simply: Provide you, our customer, with the most money possible for your items without sacrificing either seller or buyer satisfaction. Minimizing the stress surrounding the process of selling or consigning your items is also a top priority. In order to do this, we take of everything! From the research and documentations required, to the online advertising (including all photography), and legal compliance. The only thing that you need to do is contact us to schedule a pickup or drop off of your item or collection. 

The Process

Acquire and Appraise

The process begins with the scheduling of a drop-off at our shop or a pickup at your location. We will then research, appraise and provide you with a spreadsheet with both the Book values as well as the current Market values. From here we decide on the which is the best course of action for you – sell or consign.

Write up & Photograph

The importance of a well documented and photographed firearm can not be overstated. We write up extensive descriptions of each item and take many high definition photos to properly convey the condition of every item.

Post For Auction

We publish your item to auction and run the auction for 13-14 days. The auction house we utilize receives millions of site visitors per month. Your item will also be directly marketed to our Repeat Buyers database. We utilized multiple formats in our auctions were an item that doesn't initially sell may be relisted. The type of auction will be discussed during our initial discussions with each seller. 

Your Proceeds are Disbursed

All proceeds will be distributed within 30 days of the item's shipment.